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Sicilian Mafia and Freemasonry
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Cagliostro and the Prince of San Severo, two very important Jesuit agents from the past
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Vatican joins historic talks to end 950-year rift with Orthodox church
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Sony Pictures is preparing a Hollywood blockbuster about Licio Gelli and the P2!
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Background: Leo Lyon Zagami, ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo. He was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge. He was the "prince", prepared to take over after the older Illuminati "king", Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

However, Leo decided he'd had enough of all the evil he was exposed to, and a part of, and the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors. So he left everything and fled to Norway, where he is currently residing. Since he left, he's been harassed and tortured and had his life threatened. He realized that the only way to hopefully stay alive is to expose to the world what he knows and make himself known. History shows that this is one of the best ways to survive, although nothing is for certain. Leo quickly started this website, Illuminati Confessions, where he reveals the secrets to the world, one by one. I strongly advise you to check it out and download it to your computer, in case they decide to silence him for good, and this website will be shut down. There is a lot of extremely important information here, and much of it can't be found anywhere else. Leo has also been a guest several times at Greg Szymanski's radio show and in many other radio channels. 


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Lets become a MOVEMENT and ask publicly to the secret societies all over the world to disclose all their secrets, and to establish an OFFICIAL COMMISSION that can investigate these matters further for the benefit of mankind.

Lets become active and build the TOUR OF HOPE so in the future me and Greg Szymanski of Arcticbeacon, can come and visit you in your city to unveil in front of you the secrets of the New World Order.

We can find together possible solutions against the evil enemy, in this difficult times.

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Leo Lyon Zagami




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Sicilian Mafia and Freemasonry (1/3/2008)

Some people who have recentely followed my work have been asking me a bit more about the relationship between the Sicilian Mafia and Freemansonry , in particular the connections with Ezio Giunchiglia and the P2. A good friend and close collaborator of Ezio Giunchiglia was infact Gran Master Giovanni Grimaudo of the Iside 2 Lodge, part of the infamous Scontrino Circle based in the center of Trapani in via Carreca that controlled 6 Lodges , Iside, Iside 2, Osiride, Ciullo d' Alcamo, Cafiero e Hiram plus a Secret Lodge known as Lodge C. 106&id=145&option=com_content&task=view The members of these Lodges were high level Vatican clergy , high level Mafiosi from all the main Sicilian Mafia Families and many politicians. Mafia and Freemasonry in Trapani and Palermo have ruled the scene for a long time thanks to people like Giuseppe Mandalari the accountant of Cosa Nostra Boss Toto Rina a High Level Freemason of the CAMEA ! Mandalari, "Gran maestro dell'Ordine e Gran sovrano del rito scozzese antico e accettato" basicly Grand Master of the powerfull CAMEA Grand Lodge recognized the very irregular but powerfull Masonic Lodges of Grimaudo in Trapani forming a masonic alliance with him under the P2 illuminati control of Giunchiglia and Gelli. Powerfull mafiosi Natale L'Ala was in Iside 2 (Isis 2) and politician Canino member of the Scontrino circle openly admited that their Lodges were full of Catholic Bishops and Government Ministers. But it was Mafia Boss Stefano Bontate a creation of the Jesuits that rebelled and founded his own Gran Lodge for a time as Grand Master known as the powerfull Lodge of the 300 or Lodge dei Normanni , but had he had to be eliminated because he didnt respect later the rules of the P2 illuminati who secrely driven the criminal hand of the Corleonesi. This secret masonic Obbedience was closed down after his death by rival Corleonesi Mafia Boss Bernardo Provenzano, another very irregular kind of Freemason but still a very illustrius Mafia Don. It seems that his recent arrest was connected to this little known episode of his Mafia career , a revenge of his Masonic Brothers for having shut down a few years ago the Lodge of the 300. The Trapani Grand Lodge Scontrino and Lodges like the Ciullo d'Alcamo are also interesting places were we find Pietro Fundaro' and boss Natale Rimi; Giovanni Pioggia, of the Mafioso faimily of Alcamo, Mariano Asaro , Mariano Agate head of the Mafia of Mazara del Vallo and so on... The Iside 2 Lodge was directely connected to powerfull italian politician Giulio Andreotti who went to visit them a few times , and P2 Lodge Master Licio Gelli , who even opened a Lodge for Giovanni Grimaudo as special guest in the spring of 1980. More interesting info about the connection between Mafia and Freemasonry can be found in this articles that also mentions the infamous CAMEA Grand Lodge and Iside 2 : scheda12t.htm mondiale.htm

Now we know about all these connections that link Mafia and irregular P2 Freemasonry but nobody is doing nothing in so called regular Freemasonry to change things and protect the name of respectable Freemasons , why is that? The problem is that so called Irregular Freemasonry constituted mainly of Secret Lodges , rules the masonic scene in Sicily were the Vatican illuminati of the New World Order have one of their most important bases.The last important international meeting of the Vatican illuminati Accademy of Giuliano Di Bernardo was held in Taormina last October, one of the most beautifull places on the island.. in the meantime the Mafia masonic Lodges keep to grow in Sicily, and now in Catania we have a brand new irregular Mafia Grand Lodge thanks to Brother Carmelo Di Bella directely linked to the infamous P2 and Rui Gabirro and secrely linked to the illuminati of Di Bernardo trough powerfull Brother Roberto Amato of the italian intelligence . He is behind the powerfull federation of Lodges close to the Vatican illuminati spread also out of Sicily , known as The Federal Grand Orient of Italy GOIF, this has become the true IDEAL of the new & revitalized Craft Masonic working close to the Mafia , let's stop it now! Check this document for pictures of Rui Gabirro and his Mafia Brothers at work in Catania (Sicily) : 0RGLE%20JULY%202006.pdf


(Gruppo di Logge e/o Triangoli al 21.09.2007 E:.V:. alle ore 15,00 della : - G:.L:.D:.I:. d:. M:.U:. P:.G:. - G:.L:.S:.I:. - G:.L:.R:.E:. - che costituiscono il GOIF-R . In arrivo la GL…..omissis, la GL…. omissis, la GL….omissis )



Lodge TOMMASO CAMPANELLA Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0003/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FIGLI DEL SILENZIO Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0004/GLDI MU PG

Lodge PERFETTA UNIONE Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0005/GLDI MU PG

Lodge VITTORIO COLAO Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0006/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FAUSTO BRUNI Or. Palermo Bolla N.0007/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIORDANO BRUNO Or. Catania Bolla N.0008/GLDI MU PG

Lodge LUDOVICO LASAGNI Or. Catania Bolla N.0009/GLDI MU PG


Lodge MINERVA 13 Or. Brescia Bolla N.0011/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le ELEUSI Or. Taranto Bolla N.0012/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le I 5 MARTIRI DI GERACE Or. Locri Bolla N.0013/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIOVANNI PICA Or. Vibo V. Bolla N.0014/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le BRUNO NARDINI Or. Verona Bolla N.0015/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIULIO MAZZON Or. Enna Bolla N.0016/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le ALESSANDRO POMA Or. Ragusa Bolla N.0017/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le JACQUES DE MOLAY Or. Siracusa Bolla N.0018/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FRANCESCO PETRARCA Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0019/GLSI


Lodge FERDINANDO REDDITI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0021/GLSI

Lodge GUGLIELMO DURANTI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0022/GLSI

Lodge DANTE ALIGHIERI Or. Firenze Bolla N.0023/GLSI

Tria.le LUCA PACIOLI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0024/GLSI

Lodge FRATELLI BANDIERA Or. Roma Bolla N.0025/GLRE

Lodge ROMA Or. Cosenza Bolla N.0026/GLRE

Lodge CARLO GENTILE Or. Cosenza Bolla N.0027/GLRE

Lodge ANACLETO DEGLI ODDI Or. Cetraro Bolla N.0028/GLRE

Lodge W.A.MOZART Or. Bari Bolla N.0029/GLRE

Lodge GAETANO RUFFO Or. Roccella J. Bolla N.0030/GLRE

Lodge MARIO PLACIDO Or. Roccella J. Bolla N.0031/GLRE

Lodge RAIMONDO DI SANGRO P.DI S.S. Or. Salerno Bolla N.0032/GLRE

Tria.le G.FILANGERI Or. Napoli Bolla N.0033/GLRE

Tria.le GIORDANO BRUNO Or. Taranto Bolla N.0034/GLRE

Lodge ACACIA Or. Roma Bolla N.0035/GLRE

Lodge G.A.DI MONTEREALE Or. Roma Bolla N.0036/GLRE


Tria.le JULIUS EVOLA Or. Milano Bolla N.0038/GLRE

Lodge CONOSCENZA E VERITA’ Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0039/GLRE


Things never will never change in Italy and in Sicily untill we realize that the real Mafia power hides in the secret lodges of so called irregular Freemasonry connected to the Vatican were the true power lies , so let's bring further our investigations in the dark side of the Vatican illuminati and let's destroy the evil Sicilian Mafia.That's my wish for the New Year , let's expose the real Mafia! In the photo Licio Gelli and Giulio Andreotti.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


Cagliostro and the Prince of San Severo, two very important Jesuit agents from the past (12/14/2007)

By the way Cagliostro alias Giuseppe Balsamo was a relative of my Sicilian family (we have the same blood and ancestors in common ), that's one of the resons why the illuminati respected me so much from the begining. I heard about him when I was only 10 years old the first time from my father,he was known as the blacksheep of the family but also as a Grand Master of the illuminati . That's also why I had such a high position in the Memphis and Mizraim illuminati Rite of Freemasonry that conteins the misterious Arcana Arcanorum degrees. These 3 very special degrees were written by Cagliostro and the Cavallier d'Aquino who were disciples of the Jesuit trained alchemical Master Raimondo di Sangro, the seventh Prince of Sansevero : creator of the Alchemical Chapel : The Chapel wich is in Naples (Italy) is considered one of the most important rappresentations of the so called alchemical Great Work by the leading occult branches of the illuminati Order close to the real Masters of the Vatican, the Jesuits .Even Michael Aquino opened the first branch of the Temple of Set in Italy in Naples due to his admiration for the work of Cagliostro's hidden Master the Prince of San Severo. The Prince of San Severo was closely linked to the Jesuits as we said and arranged for Cagliostro to always have a Jesuit with him during his many travels accross Europe after he left Naples. The Jesuit Priest will go in front of him to the next village or city and get all the information Cagliostro will need for his so called magical powers of prediction to work better in front of the mass of brainwashed sheeps...using even confession as a mean of getting the most inside information the Jesuit priest was probably Cagliostro's closest collaborator and friend ,he was his hidden connection with the Jesuit Order that had been kicked out of the Vatican at that time. The work of the Jesuits and their many subversive plans to regain power in the Vatican structure became for the Count of cagliostro his daily life as a key illuminati Agent of that period. The link between the Ordo illuminatorum of Jesuit trained A.Weishaupt and Giuseppe Balsamo alias Cagliostro was quite natural and Cagliostro was immediately initiated in the Supreme Councill of 12 R+C of the Order at the highest position of responsability for the hidden plans to be accomplished. Napoleon was initiated in the illuminati Order by Cagliostro near Rome and the Count definetely payed a very high price for serving so well the Jesuits. The Knights of Malta became for a period the victims of this power struggle situation and with Napoleon they lost their island , so they later arranged for Cagliostro to be arrested in Rome , and sentenced to life in prison by the Vatican. But before that happened the Knights of Malta HQ's in Rome was used for a period by Cagliostro for his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry meetings , and many in the Knights of Malta were working for the illuminati and the Jesuits even when they were considered enemies of the Vatican. It's quite interesting to think that A.Crowley was claiming to be a reincarnation of Cagliostro. ..but let's remember that it all starts and ends in Rome, Crowley and his disciples are still nowdays always closely linked to the Jesuits and the Vatican. In Rome the KHEM lodge of the OTO as been a very disturbing presence in last few years, their Master who died recentely in misterious circumstances called Alberto Moscato was a 3rd degree Knight of Malta very close to the Vatican and he introduced Willam Breeze aka Hymenaeus Beta to the hidden Vatican Satanic elite structure, the ones who perform the infamous Black Mass in the Vatican including the Jesuit General. I hope researchers will look more into the history of illuminati Masters like the Prince of San Severo o Cagliostro and find the clear links proven by historical evidence that they were illuminati/Jesuit agents.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


Vatican joins historic talks to end 950-year rift with Orthodox church (11/22/2007)

From The Times November 16, 2007

Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent and Paul Bompard in Rome The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches took tentative steps towards healing their 950-year rift yesterday by drafting a joint document that acknowledges the primacy of the Pope.

The 46-paragraph “Ravenna Document”, written by a special commission of Catholic and Orthodox officials, envisages a reunified church in which the Pope could be the most senior patriarch among the various Orthodox churches.

Just as Pope John Paul II was driven by the desire to bring down Communism, so Pope Benedict XVI hopes passionately to see the restoration of a unified Church. Although he is understood to favour closer relations with traditional Anglicans, the Anglican Communion is unlikely to be party to the discussions because of its ordination of women and other liberal practices.

Unification with the Orthodox churches could ultimately limit the authority of the Pope, lessening the absolute power that he currently enjoys within Catholicism. In contrast, a deal would greatly strengthen the Patriarch of Constantinople in his dealings with the Muslim world and the other Orthodox churches.

Related Links Pope seeks dialogue with non-Catholic Christians Pope: Orthodox faith is 'not a proper Church' For sale: secret Vatican papers Pope Benedict has called a meeting of cardinals from all over the world in Rome on November 23, when the document will be the main topic of discussion. The Ravenna “road map” concedes that “elements of the true Church are present outside the Catholic communion”.

It suggests that means “be sought out” to set up a new ecumenical council, similar to those of the early Church which drew up the Nicene and other creeds, and to which Catholic and Orthodox bishops would be invited. Such a council would attempt formally to end the schism of 1054 between East and West.

If the proposals move forward, the Pope would be acknowledged as the universal Primate, as he was before the schism. Although it is not stated outright, he would be expected by the Orthodox churches to relinquish the doctrine of infallibility. The proposals could also allow married priests in the Catholic Church, as already happens in the Orthodox.

However, continuing disputes within the Orthodox Church between Constantinople and Moscow mean that there is unlikely to be agreement among the entire Orthodox community about reconciliation with Rome.

The document, The Ecclesiological and Canonical Consequences of the Sacramental Nature of the Church, has been produced by a commission of Orthodox and Catholic bishops and theologians that met in Ravenna in western Italy last month. The Russian delegate walked out of the meeting, an indication of the enduring disputes within the Orthodox Church.

Referring to the early councils of the Church, whose decisions are still central to doctrine throughout Christendom, the document adds: “In the course of history, when serious problems arose affecting the universal communion and concord between Churches – in regard either to the authentic interpretation of the faith, or to ministries and their relationship to the whole Church, or to the common discipline which fidelity to the Gospel requires – recourse was made to Ecumenical Councils.” These councils, which assembled bishops from Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem, are still regarded as binding by Catholics and the Orthodox in particular. “The means which will allow the reestablishment of ecumenical consensus must be sought out,” the document states.

The Catholics at the Ravenna meeting were led by Cardinal Walter Kasper, of the Council for Promoting Christian Unity. The Orthodox were headed by Metropolitan Zizioulas, of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

A delegate from Moscow blamed Constantinople for upsetting the talks, and the final text published by the Vatican was agreed without the input of the Moscow Patriarchate. After Rome and Constantinople, Moscow is agreed to be third in the hierarchy of “equals”, but it is still at odds with Rome over the Uniate Catholics in Ukraine, whose loyalty is to the Pope.

If the Orthodox were able to move closer to Rome, the Constantinople Patriarchate would have much stronger influence in its dialogue with the Muslim world in Turkey and beyond. Healing the schism would in effect turn Patriarch Bartholomew into an Orthodox “Pope”.

The document suggests that the Pope, always referred to in the text as “Bishop of Rome”, could be the “first” among the regional patriarchs. But this would be only as a primus inter pares, with his authority resting firmly on the support and consensus of the other patriarchs. “Certainly Rome could not be the absolute centre of administration, with authority over all the others,” Greek Metropolitan Athanasios Chatzopoulos, one of the participants of the Ravenna conference, said. “The ‘primus’ would not be able to do anything without the consent of the other Patriarchs.”

The great divide

- On July 16, 1054, Pope Leo IX excommunicated the Patriarch of Constantinople. The Patriarch, Cerularius, soon reciprocated, excommunicating the Pope

- Christianity has since been split in two, largely because of three words: The Nicene Creed of the Roman Church says that the Holy Ghost “proceeds from the Father and the Son”; the Orthodox Church claims the Holy Ghost originates with the Father alone.

- This “Filioque clause” was the official reason for the Great Schism, but other disputes would now need to be clarified before the churches could unite

Sources: Catholic Encyclopedia, Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Britannica, Orthodox Research Institute

Read Ruth Gledhill’s blog


Sony Pictures is preparing a Hollywood blockbuster about Licio Gelli and the P2! (12/14/2007)

Yes Brother Licio Gelli Worshipfull Master of the Propaganda 2 Lodge as just signed a megacontract with Sony Pictures for a film on his life , a big production that will probably have in the role of the young Licio Gelli none other then the famous american actor George Clooney , as an older version of Gelli we will have instead Stanley Tucci.The director will be Olivier Dahan , a french director well known for having done a film on the life of Edith Piaf.

Taking care of writing the story for this film is David Black well known screenwriter and producer of Holywood TV series like LAW & ORDER or CSI MIAMI who will be spending soon a couple of weeks with Count Licio Gelli in his infamous headquarters of Villa Wanda, near the city of Arezzo, to learn the habits of this very secretive character and to realy get to know thw Worshipfull Master. The film seems to be a kind of last minute tribute from the Hollywood Freemasons and illuminati to the Puppet Master of Italy's darkest moments. David Black will also have to study Licio Gelli's 64 volumes of confessions kept in his villa and the screenplay is been closely monitored by Gelli's lawyer team that are all Knights of Malta and people very close to the Vatican.

When the italian press asked Gelli if the film was about the many italian misteries surrounding his work in the P2 , Gelli replied with a bronze face that all his work was done for the good of Italy and he mentioned that even his illustrius friend Francesco Cossiga (another NWO criminal also his superior in the Knights of Malta by the way ) said that the P2 was a lodge of historical value...obviously they forgot the fact that the P2 was involved in may criminal acts including being responsible of the 1980 Bologna massacre (Licio Gelli as been even condemned for this italian 9/11 kind of operation). Well Francesco Cossiga likes to forget such things as he used to be one of the Puppet Masters of Operation GLADIO in Europe and as always been a good friend and supporter of Licio Gelli's criminal activities. Activities that I have described in detail as Mr X (my nickname) with Agent Orange in the following web article: It seems very clear to me that Hollywood and their Vatican Masters want to make out of one of the biggest criminals of the New World Order the infamous Licio Gelli a hero for the new generations using George Clooney as their troyan horse to relaunch his image. So Gelli's Propaganda work as not ended my friends and actualy is trasforming now in an even bigger operation is becoming Hollywood Propaganda ! And knowing Count Gelli personaly I'm sure he is very pleased about it...especialy the vanity side with George as himself what do you want more from life...hi...hi...

The news is already around all the italian media as you can notice from the following: ?intenzione=viaggiarein&id_categoria=12&id=139942& id_sottocategoria=48&typeAsset=Articolo&tipologia= articoli&language=it ?id_doc=6488 cinematv/grubrica.asp?ID_blog=33&ID_articolo =571&ID_sezione=260&sezione=

Let's see what happens next in the expanding world of Hollywood Vatican illuminati Propaganda , after the Grand Master of the Accademy of the illuminati Giuliano Di Bernardo as been called to collaborate with Ron Howard for the film adaptation of Angels and Demons : and Brother Licio Gelli as signed a mega- deal with Sony Pictures so anything is possible, though I'm worried about the results of these propaganda films on the young genrations, the evil agenda of the illuminati as to always be in our minds when we gonna watch these films, and please let your friends and family read this article before they also get manipulated in a cinema near you, thanks to the usual suspects.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan



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